1. Introduction to SecurAcath: Placement for PICC Lines


Any percutaneous catheter 3-12 French may be secured with SecurAcath.


Metal allergy

The legs and feet, are made of Nitinol an incredibly strong but soft and flexible metal. It is the same alloy used in cardiac stents. Sensitivities are rare due to the process of production; only patients with true metal allergies are contraindicated.

Sensitivity to SecurAcath may result in a localised erythema and the patient may complain of itching.  SecurAcath may be removed without dislodging the line and an alternative securement device used.



A patient may still pull their line out.  The feet of the SecurAcath are designed to collapse and withdraw atraumatically.  The pull force required to dislodge SecurAcath is 5-7llbs, which can translates into a very determined patient!  Consider, suitability of the patient and location of placement out of hands reach.


Avoid areas of flexion such as the ACF.

Prior to insertion:  Points to consider

Choosing the correct size

Some lines are tapered, you may need to increase the size of your SecurAcath to ensure a perfect fit.  For half sizes always round down, for example: An 8.5 French line would need a 8 French SecurAcath.  Please contact your local product specialist who will advise on appropriate sizing.

A SecurAcath that is too small may occlude the line.

A SecurAcath that is too large may allow the line to slip through.


If the only available insertion point is on an area of flexion such as the ACF, consider splinting or use an alternative method of securement such as an AESD.


Cutting your line to size

Add a minimum of 3 cm to your line prior to cutting.  You must leave at least 1cm between the SecurAcath and the hub to allow for safe  flexion of the line.

Additional Securement

As a general rule, additional securement is not required for peripheral vascular access but maybe required for other indications.

PICC’s & Midlines

No additional securement is required.

Ensure the hub is underneath the film dressing.

CICC’s and Drains

The weight of lumens, lines or drainage bags, may destabilise the dressing ultimately pulling on SecurAcath.  Additional securement is recommended to take this weight.  SecurAcath secures the line at the catheter skin junction whilst the additional securement takes the weight, stabilising the dressing.